Our Story

MUSE /mjuːz/

“a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”

Our story is of two chefs from different parts of the world who were inspired by each other’s cooking to create something unique and distinct.

A native of Cachan, Paris, Franck Grillet found his cookery calling at an early age. His passion for cooking led him to work in many of the finest establishments in Paris and Bordeaux.

As an advocate of the Bistronomy revolution in the ’90s, Franck was always looking to create something rather than serve up what every restaurant was already doing. His travels eventually took him to India where he met Chef Pramod and their culinary journey began.

Decades later, the opportunity arose and MUSE became the perfect showcase for those ideas and talent.
The philosophy behind MUSE is simple, every guest should leave with their expectations exceeded. Not an easy task, but something that every team member is committed to.

Whether or not a guest realises the details behind every dish, the décor or even the artwork on the menus, the standards to which MUSE is based on signifies why its regarded as the highest-rated restaurant in Cheltenham.